Osseous surgery refers to a surgical procedure that are is to gain access to the tooth roots to treat periodontal disease. These surgeries are performed when the disease has begun to destroy the tissue and bone surrounding the teeth and other treatment methods have been ineffective.

There are a number of goals for osseous surgery. These include:

  • Reducing the spread of bacteria: Bacteria found in the mouth can spread to various parts of the body, causing infection. The regular removal and treatment of oral bacteria can greatly decrease the risk of infection.
  • Halting and preventing bone loss: The immune system responds to bacteria by means of bone loss, which can in turn cause tooth loss. Osseous surgery techniques help stop this from occurring.
  • Maintaining easier homecare: One of the main goals of osseous surgery is to reduce pocket size, which makes it much easier to perform regular oral hygiene practices such as daily brushing and flossing.

Prior to surgery, your periodontist or hygienist will perform scaling and root planing to ensure the teeth are as clean as possible. A local anesthetic is then administered near the affected area to minimize any pain. Small incisions are then made in the gums to gain access to the roots of the teeth as well as the bone. With this access, your periodontist with then work to reshape and reform the bone to fit your periodontal needs. Sometimes removal of bone or bone grafting may be necessary to create the normal rise and fall structure of the bone. The gum tissue is then gently placed back over the roots and the incisions are closed. Some bleeding and swelling may occur post-surgery. This is normal and can be maintained by standard, over-the-counter anti-inflammatories and an ice pack.

It is vital to practice meticulous, daily oral hygiene at home to maintain the results from your surgery and help prevent the need for any further actions.

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