Guided tissue regeneration is performed when the bone surrounding your teeth has been destroyed. Unwanted pockets, which form due to the missing bone and gum tissue, are then eliminated by regenerating missing tissue caused from periodontal disease. This procedure is now commonly used when needing to stabilize affected teeth and bring them back to health.

The guided tissue regeneration process assists in regrowing lost gum tissue and bone. A thorough cleaning is performed prior to the removal of any lingering bacteria. During the process, a barrier, or membrane, is placed over the missing bone area along with a bone graft. This allows for a separation between the bone and the surrounding tissues, giving space for the new bone to grow and develop.

This treatment helps promote the natural regeneration of tissue and bone growth, all while reducing the pocket size and preventing bacteria from gathering. Guided tissue regeneration, along with your regular oral hygiene methods promote a healthy mouth and body.

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