Canine exposure is a procedure used to assist when a canine tooth is impacted. In some cases, due to overcrowding or inadequate space, teeth may be unable to erupt properly. This creates an impacted canine tooth. It is important to allow for these teeth to properly fit into your gum line as they are the “cornerstone” teeth and are very important for everything from aesthetics to function.

Canine exposure is a procedure which is performed in your periodontist’s office under local anesthetic. Once numb, the periodontist will thoroughly clean the problem area before making small incisions to remove part of the gum and bone if needed. Several options are then available as discussed with you by your doctor to see which is best for you. A bracket and chain or a silicone covering are commonly adhered to the canine once exposed to allow for proper eruption by your orthodontist. Sutures are then placed to seal the area.

You may experience some pain, minor bleeding, and swelling following the procedure. This is normal and can be controlled with medication prescribed by your doctor. It is also recommended that you avoid vigorous exercise as well as extreme hot/cold food and drinks for a few days following.

Canine exposure is a excellent option for patients looking to improve their natural smile with a minimally invasive procedure. For more information on our services or to request an appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact us today at (401) 521-5312.