Accelerated orthodontics are used to insure the successful results of braces in a much quicker timeframe. This terminology refers to a variety of procedures which can be used in addition to traditional braces to help achieve the patient’s desired results. While traditional means can take 2-4 years to correct your smile, the accelerated method can, in many cases, provide results within a year’s time.

In addition to the traditional orthodontic treatments such as metal braces, ceramic braces, Invisalign, and lingual braces, accelerated orthodontics require a surgical procedure. During this procedure, your periodontist will create space for the teeth to move more freely. This accelerates the treatment timeline and allows the orthodontist to complete your treatment in an expedited manner. Aside from the minimal discomfort during these in-office procedures, there are minimal risks involved in accelerated orthodontics. With proper oral hygiene and regular cleanings, accelerated orthodontics is a great option for patients wanting to maximize their time and get that straight, aesthetic smile even quicker.

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