The use of localized antibiotics is becoming more and more commonly used amongst dentists for patients suffering from periodontal disease. The localized application of antibiotics has been proven to be effective. This localized treatment method allows for the dentist to place the antibiotics directly into the periodontal pockets, providing a much higher concentration of the medication in the problem areas.

Localized antibiotics can be administered once the gumline and pockets have been thoroughly cleaned. As commonly seen with scaling and root planing, a local anesthetic is normally used. Once all plaque and tartar is removed from the area, your dentist will access the condition of your pockets and determine the ideal form of treatment.

Here at Rhode Island Periodontics, we are happy to administer Arestin to patients in need. Arestin is minocycline hydrochloride and is an antibiotic. It can kill the bacteria that are causing this infection. Receiving Arestin is quick and easy. We will place it directly in the infected area or “pocket” in your gums after scaling and root planing.

At your consultation, your periodontist will assess your periodontal health and create a treatment plan to suit your individual needs.

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