The digital guided implant technology is revolutionizing the teeth replacement process for doctors and patients. Allowing for optimal precision, while also providing a faster and safer surgery, the digitally guided implant is an excellent option for qualifying patients.

At your consultation, a comprehensive 3D scan is done to assess your mouth and jaw to determine the most efficient route for your tooth removal and implant replacement. After discussing and assessing your restorative goals, a customized surgical guide is then created specifically for you. The digitally-assisted surgery provides your doctor with three dimensional viewpoints and more efficient control of surgical tools during the procedure. All of these details align to create a detailed, meticulous outline for your treatment.

There are many benefits to the assistance of digital guided implant surgery. Some of these include:

  • Safer surgery with reduced chair time for the right cases
  • Detailed mapping provided to avoid vital structures like sinus cavities, nerves, or nearby healthy teeth
  • More precise placement of implants for instances when there are tight spaces or proximity to anatomic structures

Digital guided implant surgery allows your doctor to place your implants in a digitally predetermined location with the highest accuracy, speed, and stability. The streamlined protocol gives your doctor an exact surgical map.

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